Reddit Xtras is available only for Chrome. You can get it here:

Reddit Xtras v 0.1 Download

No setup required, it just works!


You can now see a “Mark as read” link next to each comment. Just click on it and it’s magic!
Everything is saved on your local computer (all clicks on Mark as read and Mark as unread).

About the extension:

I always wanted to use Reddit, however because of lack of basic functionality I never ended up using it on a regular basis. I always wanted to be able to mark comments as read, and today I’ve searched (again) for some plugins/chrome extensions that do this and I couldn’t find any.

So I was going to start reading an IamA that I thought it was interesting, however I decided that I can’t take it like this anymore. I want to mark the read comments so I can read them in any order I like and later come back to read the rest of them.

What can I say, I’m a perfectionist and I like to know EXACTLY what’s left to read. So I decided to make a Chrome extension myself. And I like it, so why not share it with others 🙂